MEZZO 3000 - Summer Nights

Also we can't get enough of this amazing summer nights DJ-set by MEZZO 3000 (MENNO) A nice and laidback deep house and live recorded DJ-mix by Ctrl Alt Ego. Under this typical moniker of the founder and creator of Menno Media; Menno van der Lubbe he produced a more then 120 minuten set that embraces the years of experience and his massive record collection. That specific collection brought him so much glory and happiness in the rich past of his DJ carreer. Although he speaks of it as it was a long time ago. Menno still is the most passionate and commited person that I know , about house music and all its genres. Listening to this ecletic but rather moody and melodic mix, Menno get's you in to a vibe of summerly deep house music where the tracks fulfill you with joy. As a listener you never know what to expect next. Still you're in a relaxed and atmospheric mood that you even don't care, unless.. Unless the music finally ends. A big up for Mr. Meano! :) Very well done mate.



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